Matching Service

Matching Service

White Chapel Art Plaster can accurately match existing traditional and ornamental plasterwork internally, or render and mouldings externally. We can also produce bespoke work from drawings or images to be used on contemporary work or retrofit projects.

Internally work can be carried out using fibrous plastering techniques or run in situ depending on client preference or conservation requirements; lime mortars can be used internally and externally, gypsum plasters and GRG can be used internally and GRC can be used externally.

Traditional and modern techniques in conjunction our ethos of attention to detail enable us to produce seamless joints in matching work, and unique bespoke work with clean lines and precise detail on the reproduction of missing decorative plasterwork or new designs.

If you would like more information on our matching service please contact us on contact us on 0161 339 1440 or click here to leave a message and a member of our team will promptly deal with your enquiry.

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