Large Unique Ceiling Centres

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a plastered room in possession of a high ceiling must be in need of a rose.  An appropriate ceiling centre in place within a period room can bring the space to life with its detail, shadows and ornament.

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Above, Ceiling Centre, modelled, moulded and cast by Whitechapel Art Plaster Co Ltd.

How to make a Large Ceiling Centre

The subject ceiling centre is a unique work of art plaster, created in house every step of the way by Whitechapel Art Plasterers.

    • 1. Client request, idea, design or photograph
    • 2. Clay modelled on the bench in the work shop
    • 3. Flexible moulds made from the clay models
    • 4. Fibrous plaster Casts taken from the moulds
    • 5. Plasterwork fixed in place and finished in sit


The above ceiling clay leaf model centre was hand made in the Whitechapel Art Plaster Company work shop. No 3D printers, no computer graphics, no CNC, router cutting or copying. Four components were sculptured in clay using hand and eye to create individual works of art. They were then used as models to make the moulds which produced the casts for repeat formations along with two singular central features. Craftsmanship was then employed to extract the plaster from the moulds before the tradesman skills necessary to install this ceiling centre enabled the project to be completed. The finished result is shown below.

Ceiling Centre

If you’re interested in one of these works of art plaster or simply require a standard ceiling rose from the Whitechapel Art Plaster range of stock items, please call the office and make an appointment to discuss your requirements with one of the company surveyors. From a simple single cast ceiling rose to a multi component one off, a simple piece of work or you’re own inspirational ideas and designs. Whitechapel Art PlasterLtd can usually supply or create something that’s in harmony with your home or building.